Download Enoshima Prism (江ノ島プリズム) 2013 Subtitle Indo

Enoshima Prism (江ノ島プリズム) 2013

Enoshima Prism (江ノ島プリズム) 2013

Download Enoshima Prism (江ノ島プリズム) 2013 Subtitle Indo


Movie : Enoshima Prism
Romaji : Enoshima Purizumu
Japanese : 江ノ島プリズム
Director : Yasuhiro Yoshida
Writer : Yasuhiro Yoshida, Hirotoshi Kobayashi
Release Date : August 10, 2013
Runtime : 90 min


  • Sota Fukushi as Shuta Jogasaki
  • Shuhei Nomura as Saku Kijima
  • Tsubasa Honda as Michiru Ando


High school students Shuta, Saku, and Michiru had been best friends since childhood, but things changed drastically after Michiru decided to move overseas and Saku died suddenly.

Two years later, a train ride causes Shuta to be sent back in time to before Saku’s death and the three friends are back together in high school. Unfortunately, the time slip doesn’t last and Shuta finds himself back in the present. He becomes determined to return to save Saku’s life, but a mysterious girl named Kyoko (Honoka Miki) warns him that his actions could have additional consequences.


TRAILER FILM Enoshima Prism (江ノ島プリズム) 2013
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