Download Film Korea End of Winter (철원기행) 2016 Sub Indonesia

End of Winter (철원기행) 2016

End of Winter (철원기행) 2016

Download Film Korea End of Winter (철원기행) 2016 Sub Indonesia


Release Date : April 21, 2016


  • Moon Chang-Kil – father
  • Lee Young-Ran – mother
  • Kim Min-Hyuk
  • Lee Sang-Hee – Hye-Jung k


Upon the retirement of the father, who has been a teacher at Cheorwon Technical High School, his wife, two sons and daughter-in-laws gather in Cheorwon. The retirement ceremony is rather quiet, and the father drops the bombshell at a Chinese restaurant while eating. When he announces he will get a divorce, the mother is so angry that she doesn’t know what to say, while the sons and daughter-in-laws are confused. Heavy snow hits Cheorwon keeping the buses from operating, and the family start an awkward time at the father’s residence.

Mother, who is in charge of the family’s finances, is not fond of the elder son couple, but the daughter-in-law wants to be loved by her in-laws. Moreover, the couple needs some money and is waiting for the right moment to ask for a loan, and the younger son also needs money. The father already arranged a place to live on his own and offers the family some steamed potatoes that he grew himself. The buses leaving Cheorwon don’t run even after two days, and the family continues the cycle of misunderstanding and understanding for two nights and three days.


TRAILER FILM Korea End of Winter (철원기행) 2016
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