Download film Negeri van Oranje 2015

Negeri van Oranje 2015

Negeri van Oranje 2015

Download film Negeri van Oranje 2015


Release Date 23 December 2015 (Indonesia)
Director Endri Pelita
Genre Drama, Romance
Distributor Falcon Picture


  • Arifin Putra ..,Banjar
  • Agung Udijana …Tyas
  • Abimana Aryasatya …Wicak
  • Tatjana Saphira … Lintang
  • Chicco Jerikho … Geri
  • Ge Pamungkas … Daus


It’s a story of a bond shared between five friends. And the journey to find meaning in life, to discover their dreams, to overcome their struggles, and to seek love in a foreign country. The journey that took a woman named Lintang to this day, the day before her wedding. The day where all her memories return to the past she had shared with her fiends: Daus, Banjar, Wicak and Geri. Together they had studied for their post-graduate degrees in the Netherlands. Even though they went to study in different cities: Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Wagenigen and Den Haag, their strong friendship brought them together and helped them survive in a country far away from home. Their togetherness eventually introduced Lintang to love. An unrequited love, for someone who has been keeping a secret none of them had ever known. It is also their togetherness that had brought them to Prague, where their greatest problem finally surfaced. A problem in the name of…love. And today… Lintang is getting married. To one of her best friends.


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