Download korean movie Hindsight 2011 sub indo

Hindsight 2011

Hindsight 2011

Download korean movie Hindsight 2011 sub indo


Movie: Hindsight (International English title) / Blue Salt (literal title)
Revised romanization: Pureun Sogeum
Hangul: 푸른소금 / 푸른 소금
Director: Lee Hyun-Seung
Writer: Lee Hyun-Seung
Producer: Lee Hyun-Seung, Ahn Soo-Hyun, Kim Sung-Min
Cinematographer: Kim Byeong-Seo
Release Date: August 31, 2011
Runtime: 125 min.
Distributor: CJ E&M
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Country: South Korea


  • Song Kang-Ho
  • Shin Se-Kyung
  • Chun Jung-Myung


Doo-Hun (Song Kang-Ho) is a retired gangster boss who confronts a mysterious woman named Se-Bin (Shin Se-Kyeong). Se-Bin is a 20 year old assassin sent to kill Doo-Hun. Things become more complicated when the retired mob boss and sexy assassin start to develop feelings for each other …

Doo-Hun was a legendary mobster, but is now retired. Doo-Hun decides to head back to his hometown of Busan and eventually open up a restaurant. He then takes a culinary class. At the culinary class he meets a young woman named Se-Bin who is stationed next to him. Se-Bin was a promising sharp shooter, but a car accident ended her sporting career. Now, she lives with her friend Eun-Jung (Esom) in a shipping container turned into a home. The girls fall into trouble when Eun-Jung borrows 10 million Won from a loan shark. The loan shark then makes Se-Bin watch over Doo-Hun instead of paying back the loan. Se-Bin begins to feel uncomfortable, because she starts getting attached to Doo-Hun’s quirky humor. Doo-Hun then learns his mob boss was killed in a car accident, but he doesn’t attend his boss’ funeral. Doo-Hun wants to stay from the mob world. He isn’t aware that someone is watching over him. Eun-Jung then steals a suitcase from the loan shark. Eun-Jung thought the suitcase contained money, but it turns out the suitcase contains large quantities of cocaine. The loan shark gang then comes to their home and orders Se-Bin to kill Doo-Hun to save their lives. When the moment comes for Se-Bin to kill Doo-Hun she is unable to do so, but her friend Eun-Jung arrives and runs over Doo-Hun. Doo-Hun is seriously injured, but not dead. He isn’t aware that the hit-and-run was mob related. Meanwhile, Eun-Jung’s car is found submerged in the water and her body is missing. Se-Bin hears rumors that Eun-Jung was killed by Doo-Hun. Se-Bin then joins a professional hitman business run by Madame Kang (Yoon Yeo-Jung). Se-Bin is then ordered by Madame Kang to kill Doo-Hun ….


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