Download Miss Partners 商学院合伙人 / 青春合伙人 2016 sub indo

Miss Partners 2016

Miss Partners 2016

Download Miss Partners 商学院合伙人 / 青春合伙人 2016 sub indo


Release Date: April 29, 2016


  • Aaron Kwok
  • Chen Yao
  • Yan Tang


This is a class about the three different personalities different women for money, the family, the status of common gold story.

Students Lu Zhen River (Yao Chen ornaments) selling fake package in the United States deported, shopping malls elite Wenqing (Hao Lei ornaments) encounter Xiao San foreign interference, Cinderella Gu Qiao tone (Tang Yan ornaments) poor families want to marry a rich man. They become good girlfriends from the beginning of the rival and career mentor Meng Xiaojun (Aaron Kwok ornaments) and Lu Xiaojun to send Jane Creek (Li Chen ornaments) support, as the pursuit of wealth, love and status of partner.

They achieved great success in a short time. But did not last long, the company appeared in the highly competitive market, serious problems into a corner, while the relationship between the three also appeared broken. The face of difficulties, Lu Zhen River withstand the rigors of the same time, out of the dreams and partner firm step .


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