Download Xuan Zang 大唐玄奘 2016 sub indonesia

Xuan Zang 大唐玄奘 2016

Xuan Zang 大唐玄奘 2016

Download Xuan Zang 大唐玄奘 2016 sub indonesia


Release Date: April 29, 2016


  • Huang Xiaoming
  • Xu Zheng
  • Purba Rgyal
  • Luo Jin
  • Tan Kai
  • Vivian Dawson
  • Jiang Chao
  • Che Xiao
  • Lou Jiayue
  • Kent Tong
  • Zhao Liang


The film tells the history of the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang lasted 17 years, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles to the Tianzhu learn legend. Datang Zhenguan prosperity, young Xuanzang (Huang Xiaoming ornaments) risked his life for the sake of the true meaning of Buddhism smuggling exit, along the way encounter difficulties and resistance, natural disasters, but also won the sufferings of the people.

Soldiers containment, apprentice betrayed, buried the body of sand, water must pay, Xuanzang striving for law and eventually arrived in India, meditation in India to carry forward the good side Xiufo, never cover when the General Assembly debate until the successful return of the already over the age of fifty old man.


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